About Tibbs

About Tibbs

34 years paving together. 21 years as business partners. We have learned a lot!

Tibbs Paving, Inc.

Jimmy Tibbs and Tim Reed merged their companies forming a partnership in 1995 to operate Tibbs Paving, Inc. Though, their friendship and mutual professional respect date back well before the merger. Jimmy Tibbs, a Manassas native, had been an independent trucker and owner of a transportation company that specialized in hauling materials for construction companies. Tim Reed, who grew up in Fairfax City, began his career in asphalt in the early 1980's. Tim owned a paving company and relied upon Jimmy’s company for trucking services. After years of working together, they agreed to merge their talents and resources to establish Tibbs Paving, Inc.

Since then, they have built Tibbs Paving, Inc. into a multi-million dollar business with motivated
employees and modern equipment. In, 2009, the company began operating from a new office
and garage complex on Developers Drive in Manassas. Tibbs Paving, Inc. continues to serve
clients in Virginia, Maryland, DC and West Virginia.

During the first 20 years of operation, Tibbs Paving has earned the respect and appreciation of all types of clients, from the homeowner to the large corporate contractors. Satisfied customers are the true measure of a contractor's
professional ability and Tibbs Paving, Inc. is proud of the many customers returning for
additional work.

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Tibbs Paving, Inc. removes or repairs concrete curbing, dumpster pads, and aprons. Tibbs Paving, Inc. installs parking blocks, speed bumps, and signs. They paint asphalt surfaces, install base stabalization fabric or overlay fabric when usage provides a long-term advantage to the customer.

Tibbs Paving, Inc. has earned the respect and appreciation of clients who return to Tibbs Paving, Inc. for other pavement projects. Tibbs Paving, Inc.delivers to the letter of the contract, on time, on budget and on the mark.

Satisfied customers are the true measure of a contractor's professional ability. Tibbs Paving, Inc. is proud of the many customers returning for additional work.

Professionalism of personnel:
Tibbs Paving, Inc. personnel, partners, sales and administrative staff, job site supervisors, equipment operators, and laborers are experienced and well trained in their jobs. They are motivated to perform effectively and efficiently There is a hierarchy of responsibility and authority from the newest laborer to the owners. ALL seek to perform at the highest of standards.

Condition of equipment:
"Clean and Maintain your equipment" says the sign in the Tibbs Paving, Inc. garage. It's not just a catchy slogan, it is a dictum by which all employees abide, Vehicles are regularly serviced and cleaned daily. All equipment is purchased new and fully warranted by top manufacturers.

Quality of products and material:
Quality products are all that Tibbs Paving, Inc.will bring to a job site. Enjoying great relationships with asphalt plants and sand and gravel quarries throughout their territory ensures the finest of materials Other products like PDC® FLEXIFILL, and PETROTAC are used as required.

Performance of the finished work:
Your business associates, colleagues and neighbors will be impressed by the appearance and performance of the work completed by Tibbs Paving, Inc. as soon as the job is finished as well as years after the work has been installed. Tibbs Paving, Inc. Warranties its work for three years.

Tibbs Paving, Inc. is skilled, experienced and equipped to provide:









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for roads, tennis courts + more.