Asphalt Restoration

Just as a baby begins to age immediately after birth, so too, does an asphalt surface begin to deteriorate immediately after it has been installed.

Years ago, deterioration could be economically repaved. No problem. Since 2005, oil prices have increased and property owners and managers need to conserve their asphalt assets. The answer - A rejuvenation program.

Asphalt deterioration is caused by the penetration of air, water and other foreign substances into the surface of the pavement. The chemical action, which takes place even after the best installation, is called oxidation. Oxidation causes brittleness and stress at the surface. Usage aggravates and enhances the wear.

Surface coatings (sealers and emulsions) may restore the blackness to the surface, a cosmetic improvement - but these treatments merely bond to the surface thus increasing its brittleness and cracking.



Tibbs Paving, Inc.,is the authorized distributor of PDC® (Pavement Dressing Conditioner), in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Tibbs Paving installs this laboratory tested and Asphalt-Institute approved material to rejuvenate asphalt surfaces. Unlike other treatments, PDC® penetrates the asphalt and becomes an integral part of the pavement, working from within to push back the aging process. An application of PDC® will rejuvenate, protect and beautify asphalt pavement. It is guaranteed for three years.

An Asphalt Rejuvenation Program should begin before the pavement shows signs of deterioration. Tibbs Paving, Inc. will conduct an Asphalt Condition Report at "no Cost" to assist property owner and managers to understand and appreciate the value of protecting the substantial current investment in their asphalt assets.

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