Concrete Services

Fig 1 : Finisher works joints between  existing surface and new concrete slab

Fig 1 : Finisher works joints between
existing surface and new concrete slab

Tibbs Paving, Inc performs all types of concrete installations from commercial and residential concrete repairs, loading dock and compactor installations, to dumpster pads, sidewalks, driveways & patios, curb & gutter replacement and ADA accessibility improvements.

The key to achieving a unique and customized look for your next project is to understand concrete and how this versatile material can help your next project come together. With options such as sandblasting, broom finishing and exposed aggregate, concrete truly is one of the most versatile construction materials available.

But what is Concrete?

Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, aggregate and water. When these are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs that strengthens the material. It is important to have the right climate conditions and the proper tools prior to pouring. Concrete hardens quickly and will need to be worked as soon as it is poured into the forms or shapes intended for the project.

Our experienced crews and finishers understand concrete, finishing and have the experience to perform all of your concrete replacement and repairs needs. Tibbs Paving, Inc provides its customers with a wide range of concrete surfaces and finishes. In order to better understand some of the options available today we have briefly described some of the more popular surfaces available.

Fig 2 : Crew checks to ensure proper slope  for drainage

Fig 2 : Crew checks to ensure proper slope
for drainage

Fig 3 : Typical exposed aggregate surface

Fig 3 : Typical exposed aggregate surface

Exposed Aggregate - Exposing the aggregate within the concrete itself is one of the most popular ways to finish concrete. This is achieved by laying the concrete and letting it dry as usual. Then, washing or brushing of the exposed concrete is used to remove the cement paste on the surface. This causes the natural beauty and texture of the aggregate rocks and sand to shine through. For added appeal, unique aggregate pebbles may be added to the concrete mixture before pouring.

Concrete Texturing - Broom finishing is a simple technique that requires the contractor to brush a broom over the still-hardening concrete slab. The result is a swirled or fanned effect. Sandblasting can be used to create more unique designs or achieve a two-tone or antiqued appearance. Trowels may be similarly used to finish concrete.

Fig 4 : Stamped concrete with herringbone brick pattern and coloring

Fig 4 : Stamped concrete with herringbone brick pattern and coloring

Concrete Stamping - Concrete can be finished in such a way that patterns or shapes become imprinted within the cement. Such a process is called concrete stamping. Typically, stamping tools are used to finish the cement. Designs can either be purely ornamental in nature, or designed to mimic the look of more expensive design materials (such as marble, stone and clay brick). Stamping is often complemented by coloring the concrete to achieve maximum beauty.

Fig 5 : Driveway with colored concrete

Fig 5 : Driveway with colored concrete

Concrete Coloring - Concrete can either be colored during the mixing process or after the surface has already hardened. Post-hardening finishing processes include staining, tinting and dying. Chemical stains may be used to infuse the color into the concrete as an integral component. Similarly, tints and dyes inject powdered materials into the concrete's surface. Concrete can be colored virtually any color imaginable, making it a great finishing technique for both interior and exterior floors and countertops. To protect this form of concrete finishing, a layer of protective sealant may need to be applied frequently.

Concrete Painting - Concrete painting is similar to dying or tinting. However, this unique concrete finishing technique simply involves covering the natural color of the concrete with paint. Painted concrete can be a simple one-color design, or an embellished art canvas that includes various shapes and decorative features. Etching tools can be used to create highly elaborate designs.

Whatever your concrete needs, either replacement of existing damaged or deteriorating concrete or a custom concrete project to add value and beauty to your property learn how Tibbs Paving, Inc can help.